Where Does Your Packaging Go?

The end-of-life vision for Ingeo™ biopolymer in the long term is to maintain a journey to zero waste - keeping the polymer, regardless of form, out of the landfill and being able to recycle into the same use or higher valued use if possible.  The ideal for Ingeo™ biopolymer, and PLA in general, is chemical recycling (hydrolysis) back into lactic acid for processing into essentially new resin.

We understand that products and packaging made from Ingeo™ biopolymer will be landfilled and incinerated at the end of their useful life in the near term - but through future innovation, technology and education we are looking to build a bridge to a better end of life.  For more information on the end-of-life vision of NatureWorks LLC, please refer to the end-of-life section of our corporate website.

To find out where your packaging goes, see our view our End-of-Life Roadmap.