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It’s simple.

If we can make the products we need have less impact on the environment, make them work and make the desirable as well, then everyone benefits.  That’s what we at NatureWorks LLC have done.  We produce a family of Ingeo™ biopolymers which are made from plants instead of oil.  We call these Ingeo™ natural plastics, and partners around the world are using these to create an entirely new generation of lifestyle products.

It’s a simple and ingenious idea.

NatureWorks LLC is dedicated to sustainable and responsible innovation.  Add to that our strong commitment to better social, business and environmental practices taps into the zeitgeist where essential lifestyle products are being created from Ingeo natural plastic.  This is in direct response to consumers who are looking for a means to choose better and to make a difference in all aspects of their lives.

The Ingeo™ brand has been designed to reinforce its status, market position and image.  The design elements highlighted in this section are a creative guide to producing materials including, but not limited to advertising, collateral and promotional tools. The brand has three distinct elements that come together to create a distinct personality. This is characterized firstly by a strong emotional appeal, defined by its natural, renewably resourced origins (not from oil), a concept that appeals to the contemporary consumer’s need to choose more responsible products and a more sustainable future for all. Secondly, the brand is defined by measurable, comparable and sometimes better performance benefits in both plastics and fiber lifestyle products compared to incumbent materials. Thirdly, at its heart is a strong environmental message, clearly explained where fewer green house gases are emitted and less fuel is used in production, giving a reduced carbon footprint profile for products and end users.

In sum, the brand provides a passionate point of difference and reasons for partners, retailers and consumers to make better choices for a new generation of plastic and fiber based products.

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